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Science on the Move is an exceptional program that works with students to engage them in STEM activities and possible careers. Mrs. Burch, the lead teacher, is courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. I would highly recommend the Science on the Move program to any school or district!

Branten Blair, Kershaw Elementary Afterschool Site Director

The children have benefitted from being a part of the Science on the Move program in a number of ways. One way is that they are allotted the opportunity to be hands on with science! Typically with the classroom setting the children have to maintain a structured format and the lesson is taught at a rapid pace. They get to experience science on their terms without the added pressure of grades. The other way is that they gain confidence in their abilities when they get to build a rocket, or create their own tower. It was a great experience!

Paulett Brooks, Sterling Community Center Manager

Science on the Move has been very impactful to our participants because they are able to apply hands on experience to daily life routines and also make connections of how it ties into their education. Science on the Move encourages their imagination to explore, use critical thinking, and recognize different perspectives of results. Our participants enjoy each activity and are always able to learn something different each time.

Brooklyn Croft, Freetown Community Center Manager

The teams [of students] worked well together. They talked it out versus arguing about it.

Angela Johnson, Mount Pleasant Community Center Manager

It was easy and hard… We actually worked together!

Mount Pleasant Community Center Student

I love the program!  This is an opportunity for EVERY child to experience STEM activities.

Libby Sweatt-Lambert, Fort Lawn Community Center Director

Science on the Move has been a wonderful partner for Oakdale Elementary School STEM Magnet!  Katie and Robin have been a part of our brainstorming and have provided excellent ideas and engaging resources to help us energize and publicize our program.  Our school recently held its first Saturday STEM event. Students and parents enjoyed the stations, and we immediately began thinking of how to make it better the next time.  Katie and Robin are a hands-on team that we look forward to work with for years to come.

Denise Khaalid, Oakdale Elementary School Principal

Children had “hands on” experiences with science that they otherwise would not have in a regular classroom setting. Lessons we were able to share varied from animals to electricity as well as environmental science, nutrition, plants, wind energy, entomology, rocketry and so much more!
The teachers were delighted to see that the trailer had bin upon bin of materials that coordinated with the standards for science. There were resources, lessons, and all of the supplies needed in the trailer making this a teachers “dream.” Educators long to provide their students with meaningful and exciting ways to explore science and Science on the Move makes this a reality!

Lia, Parent & Volunteer

I have two boys, ages 10 and 5, who have had the opportunity to engage in activities offered by [Science on The Move]. They were both excited to build a paper rocket that they could launch as well as watch their bean sprouts grow in a glove taped to the window. As a parent it was wonderful to see my kids take their classroom knowledge and put it into action, to actually see scientific concepts working.

Misty, Parent

Science on the Move has been a terrific asset to my classroom instruction. The hands-on programs are perfect for supplementing our current curriculum and the students have enjoyed them as well as learned far more than they could have from a book. Robin and Katie are extremely professional and go the extra mile to accommodate and assist in any way possible to make the experience seamless. I appreciate everyone that has made this opportunity possible for my students.

Elisa, York Preparatory Academy Science Teacher