New Year, time for a new password


Mira Modi

Mira Modi

Passwords are used to get into all of your online accounts. Many sites require a password that has a diverse amount of characters and numbers that cannot be guessed or used before.

Passwords protect sensitive information such as social media sites, bank accounts, and any online shopping account. It is important to keep your information safe and the best way is to have a secure password that can not be cracked.

Making up a random memorable password may be difficult but a sixth grader in New York City developed an online business that randomly pick a password that is not easy to crack. The young lady in the picture above, Mira Modi, created her own business called DiceWare. DiceWare builds a password that is randomly chosen from the dictionary. The method was created by Arnold G. Reinhold and Modi uses his method to give people random passwords for two dollars each.

You can purchase a password from Mira at