Experimenting with 4-H Science in Gaffney and Spartanburg

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The 4-H Spartanburg STEM Home School Club has had a blast with their STEM activities. The activities were provided by 4-H Science on the Move and taught by Spartanburg County 4-H Agent Ginger Bowen. They built bridges, learned about electricity with Snap Circuits, and participated in the embryology program. They learned quite a lot about eggs, as you can see from the pictures! “You should have seen their faces,” Bowen said, “They had so much fun!”


School Programs

The school embryology program was widely successful this year, reaching over 800 students Spartanburg County and over 500 in Cherokee County. In the program, students observed the incubation of chicken eggs in their classrooms and watched the chicks hatch from their eggs.

At Gaffney High School in Cherokee County, over 200 students in the freshman statistics class participated in a rocketry program. 4-H Science on the Move Coordinator Katie Rishebarger and statistics teacher Todd Gardner created a lesson, titled “To Infinity and Beyond”, to allow the students to make a practical application for math related to rocketry and explore Newton’s Laws of Motion. Teams of students built model rockets, tracked the length and height of their flight, and graphed the results. Check out the video below!

This video was filmed and edited by students at Gaffney High School.


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