New Services!

Contact us for a list of current activities for each service below. Need something we haven’t listed? Let us know and we can develop something custom for you!

Informal Educator Workshops

Each workshop is designed to increase the teaching capacity of informal educators. Workshop subjects range from introducing STEM to implementing concepts like computational thinking. Workshops last 3 to 6 hours; 6 hour workshops can be divided into two 3-hour days.

Afterschool Specials

Each Afterschool Special is designed to train staff to implement 6 activities from the program’s subject area. Materials are included for staff to use when they teach the activities to their students.

On-Site Field Trips

Each session is a hands-on exploration prepared for a group of 20-30 youth that takes 45 to 60 minutes. Station our instructor in one room and classes can rotate in every hour.

Guided Programs

Guided programs make great summer or spring break camps! Each program includes an instructor and materials. Programs last 3 to 6 hours; 6 hour programs can be divided into two 3-hour days. Minimum 12 students for each program.