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Who Is It For?


Kindergarten through 8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in hands-on science activities in school, after-school programs, clubs and camps. Popular activities include bridge building, rocketry, robotics, geospatial science, environmental science, and more.

Older students, starting in 9th grade, can apply to be members of the Youth Science Team, where they will be trained in leadership, teaching science, and advanced science concepts. The team takes trips across South Carolina and team members have the opportunity to attend many other 4-H events for teens. Team members also have the opportunity to take their leadership one step further by becoming 4-H Science Ambassadors.

Science on the Move has the resources to follow students from kindergarten through high school, giving them the skills to prepare them for STEM careers. This program intends to help coach students to become the prepared workforce that South Carolina needs to interest new businesses and encourage economic growth.

Teachers & Educators

Our classroom activities are designed for students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. To maximize your instruction time, each kit is prepared for immediate use, with all materials needed for each hands-on activity. Lessons are teacher-friendly and can be taught verbatim. Every lesson plan had a technology application and a career extension to broaden your students’ knowledge of how people use science everyday. Extension activities are also included to allow students to further explore what they learned in the lesson. Training is provided but is only required for highly technical activities like GPS and LEGO robotics.

Check out the Resources page to view our School Brochure and see what hands-on activities you can use to inspire your students to love science.

Afterschool Programs & Community groups

Do you work with the youth in your community? Use your time with them to explore fun, hands-on science activities! It’s easy to get involved with STEM education through Science on the Move! Reserve a kit for your club, home school group, or after-school program and watch your students have fun learning about science! Workshops can be provided to train afterschool staff, parents, and volunteers how to use the technology and equipment offered by the program to teach any age group of students.